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Non Market
Capitalization Indexes

Invest with Intent. Invest for a better future.

We have developed a wide range of non market capitalization indexes to help investment professionals gain access to a variety of index strategies for product creation and benchmarking.

  • Transparent, rules-based methodology

  • Representative of only the most investable, liquid assets

  • Designed for use in the creation of index tracking funds, derivatives and as a performance benchmark

Non Market Cap Weighted Indexes

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FT Wilshire Pure single FActor index series

FT Wilshire Pure Factor Index Series

We have developed a range of new generation factor indexes which help investment professionals gain better access to long term risk premia of their factor strategy. 

Our indexes differ in that they offer precision and purity in all exposures and allow you to easily implement factor allocation decisions when market conditions change.

FT Wilshire US Large Pure Size Index
FT Wilshire US Large Pure Value Index
FT Wilshire US Large Pure Quality Index
FT Wilshire US Large Pure Momentum Index
FT Wilshire US Large Pure Beta Index

FT Wilshire pure multi factor index series

FT Wilshire Pure Multi Factor Index Series

For a more diversified factor strategy, suitable for investing over many market cycles, we include four-factor beta neutral and five-factor multi factor versions.

FT Wilshire US Large 4 Factor Beta Neutral Index
FT Wilshire US Large 5-Factor Index
FT Wilshire Factor Index Series
FT Wilshire Smart Beta Index Series

FT Wilshire Minimum Variance Index series

FT Wilshire US Large Minimum Variance Index

Our next generation minimum variance index reduces both factor risk and implementation costs by limiting low volatility and size exposures while maintaining sufficient levels of diversification. The outcome of the construction allows for better index level risk reduction.

FT Wilshire US Large Minimum Variance Index

FT Wilshire NxtGen Index series

FT Wilshire US Large NxtGen Index

The FT Wilshire US Large NxtGen Index provides investors with a diversified multi-factor strategy which uses machine learning to control risk while improving expected return.

FT Wilshire US Large NxtGen ML Index

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