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Wilshire is a global provider of market-leading indexes, advanced analytics and alternative and multi-asset investment solutions that combine innovative technologies with time-tested quantitative and
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in Santa Monica, California in 1972 by aerospace engineer Dennis Tito

9 global locations

Denver, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Jersey City, London, Amsterdam, Suzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore




institutional investors, financial advisors and intermediaries clients globally


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assets under management


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Aligning faith-based values to investment portfolios

In this video, another in our educational ESG series, find out how Wilshire helped one global faith-based investor align its investment portfolio to its mission.


Wilshire looking to the future

CEO Mark Makepeace explains how Wilshire is adapting to help clients make the most of new investment opportunities.


Wilshire's spirit of innovation

CEO Mark Makepeace explains how Wilshire's roots in investment science continues to inform its approach today.


What investors want today

CEO Mark Makepeace explains why investors are exploring new opportunities in the market.


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