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About us

A trusted investment partner for 50 years

Wilshire is a leading global financial services firm and trusted partner to a diverse range of approximately 500 leading institutional investors and financial intermediaries. Our clients rely on us to improve investment outcomes for a better future. Wilshire advises on over $1.3 trillion in assets and manages $88 billion in assets. Wilshire is headquartered in the United States with offices worldwide.  

Founded in 1972, Wilshire advises on nearly $1.3 trillion and manages $84 billion in assets. Wilshire serves more than 500 institutional and financial intermediary clients from
10 offices around the world.


Our approach

We believe in building enduring relationships with clients through trust and a shared purpose to improve investment outcomes for a better future.

We work as your partner to navigate the complex world of financial markets, anticipate trends and identify opportunities. We do this by taking the time to truly understand your needs and remaining responsive and flexible as they change so we can continually provide robust solutions aligned to your objectives, risk tolerance, values and preferences.


Our expertise

Wilshire was founded on ground-breaking products and services that solved tough industry challenges and that same ethos underpins our purpose today. As a firm at the crossroads of finance and technology, we innovate across the breadth of our capabilities and capitalize on global digitization trends to offer first-class investment, analytics and benchmark services.

We have been advising some of the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors and financial advisors and intermediaries for 50 years. That depth of experience gives us the insight to see opportunities others may miss – and the expertise to turn them into outcomes that deliver.


Our values

We have built a culture of trust and integrity by doing right by our clients and our people. We reward teamwork and individual initiative, encourage creative solutions for tough client and industry problems, seek out different perspectives and promote diversity and inclusion at every level.

We believe we can only deliver on our promise to clients by staying connected and working with our colleagues right across the firm. We always look for new ways to do better, we never stop learning and we use our knowledge to help you and our colleagues grow and meet professional and personal goals.

We’re here to help

Wilshire has been applying highly tested theories and approaches to our client solutions since 1981.

Our clients rely on us to improve investment outcomes for a better future.

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