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Our quantitative skills and extensive data pools underpin the processes that help us understand your needs and meet
your investment goals effectively.

This knowledge, along with our qualitative experience, forms the basis of our independent research, which aims to provide insight into the key steps of an investment process for both traditional and alternative asset classes.

We use our integrated asset/liability models to conduct asset allocation studies for a variety of asset owner clients, including defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans, foundations, endowments, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds. From there, we monitor market and regulatory changes to help you make the right adjustments to your portfolio over its lifetime.

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We help public and private pension funds, endowments, foundations, financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals invest in private markets across a range of underlying assets. Our quantitative and qualitative research is designed within a consistent framework to help you find clarity in markets that are typically less transparent than public ones.

We consider assets across sectors, fund size, geography and vintage year to identify appropriate opportunities for diversifying your portfolio. These include primary and secondary fund investments, as well as co-investment transactions.

Private equity

  • Venture capital

  • Growth buyout

  • Special situations

Private credit

  • Direct lending

  • Mezzanine debt

  • Opportunistic debt

  • Distressed debt

Real assets

  • Real estate

  • Energy

  • Infrastructure

  • Natural resources

We have been providing advanced, multi-asset portfolio analysis tools to a variety of clients for more than 40 years. Over time, we have honed these proprietary tools, along with our robust methodologies, to deliver unparalleled insights into portfolio performance.

As transparency lies at the heart of our interactions, we make this comprehensive academic research available to all our clients. The white papers provide an in-depth view of our approach to risk and our performance measurement models so you can see the thinking behind the tools you use every day.

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Choosing the right investment manager is an important decision. We take a comprehensive and structured approach to manager research and evaluation, examining both quantitative and qualitative factors to build our dynamic database of manager performance, which includes a selection of diverse-owned firms.

We maintain information on more than 11,000 investment products, 28,000 mutual funds and 15,000 hedge funds. We guide you through the selection process by taking the time to understand your needs, identifying suitable candidates from our extensive database, coordinating the interview process and working with you to develop appropriate investment guidelines.

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Our database of more than 40,000 investment products and capital market indexes provides historical monthly and quarterly performance information, in-depth qualitative profiles of investment managers, and holdings-based fundamental characteristics that enable easy analysis of holdings-based and returns-based style and attribution. Apply our suite of analytics and tools to navigate a disciplined investment process - from strategic asset allocation, manager selection and implementation to ongoing monitoring and report generation.  Asset managers can view their products just as asset owners see them, in relation to their peers, to develop impactful marketing materials.

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Managers can upload their performance data and qualitative and quantitative information via a simple, online questionnaire that captures historical returns, assets under management, representative holdings and other performance metrics. The combined information provides insight into their process, investment philosophy and key organizational characteristics.

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