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OCIO services

Achieve your investment goals efficiently

Investors today face an overwhelming choice of opportunities in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape fraught with cost and resourcing issues.
Our outsourced CIO team takes on these challenges on your behalf.

Using a combination of strategies designed to enhance returns and mitigate risk – and supported by Wilshire’s extensive quantitative and research capabilities, database of best-in-class managers and deep understanding of investors' needs – our team of experts develops, implements and maintains end-to-end solutions to help you achieve a range of investment objectives over the long term.

Thanks to our size and position in the market, we can also negotiate preferential fees that are typically lower than what you would be able to obtain on your own.

Wilshire OCIO

  • Proprietary risk models

  • Wilshire research

  • Fiduciary processes

  • Manager access

  • Service platform

  • Operational support

  • Fee negotiation

  • Dynamic management

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  • Investment objectives

  • Asset allocation

  • Risk management tools

  • Budget constraints

  • Fiduciary obligations

  • Decision making

  • Organizational objectives

  • Internal resources

  • Oversight

  • Implementation

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We’re here to help

Wilshire has been applying highly tested theories and approaches to our client solutions since 1981.

Our clients rely on us to improve investment outcomes for a better future.

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