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Digital Asset
Taxonomy System (DATS)

Sector based classification system for digital assets

DATS is the institutional standard digital asset classification system for traditional and crypto native asset managers to develop sector based investment solutions and portfolios for investors.

With the broadest coverage of any digital taxonomy system in the industry, we classify over 1,300 digital assets into supersectors, sectors, subsectors, and cross sector themes, DATS is the clear choice for institutional investors to identify sector based opportunities and assess risks in this emerging asset class.

Comprehensive coverage

Rules based, transparent governance

Independent Digital Assets Advisory Group

Wilshire, in partnership with Digital Asset Research, is ensuring rigor and governance is brought to digital asset reference data as institutional investors expect for more mature asset classes.









How is DATS used?

Build index linked products and construct custom portfolios based on digital assets with common use cases and or attribute themes.

Analyze sector risk exposure, develop investment strategies, and do performance attribution reporting.

Provide a reference data map to platform to categorize, manage and follow digital assets by sector.

Categorize listed digital assets for a better user experience and navigation on their app or platform.

Identify high risk sectors in line with risk rules when onboarding and for ongoing KYC.

Digital Asset Taxonomy

3 Supersectors
10 Sectors
42 Subsectors
3 Themes
See all Digital Asset Taxonomy

Inclusive structural development process

DATS is supported by an independent external advisory committee that comprises of top digital assets market practitioners. The Governance process is designed to capture collective perspectives and insights from industry experts around the world.

Inclusive structural development process

Four-tier structure and thematics offer a robust system for comparing and analyzing like-technology's use cases.

  • One Industry
  • Three Supersectors
  • 10 Sectors
  • 42 Subsectors
  • Two Themes
  • Seven Subthemes

Unbiased approach to company research

Digital assets are allocated to subsectors based on a transparent research process to determine use case and features:

  • Understand exactly how and why digital assets are allocated in the Ground Rules
  • Challenge assigned digital asset classification through a publicly available form

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