Digital Asset Taxonomy

Digital Asset Taxonomy System Overview

Digital Asset Taxonomy System (DATS) is a comprehensive and rules based, transparent taxonomy classification methodology to categorize the largest 1,000 active digital asset technologies based on research and market trends. DATS is designed to support the ongoing changes and growth in digital assets as market participants continue to develop investment solutions.

DATS is designed for use by global institutional clients and follows a four tier structure: Industry, Supersector, Sector, and Subsector. DATS includes a thematic dimension which provides additional classification based on specific ideas or technologies, for example Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Environmentally Focused Themes.

DATS is for:

Asset managers and Research Analysts
Sector exposure analysis, strategy execution and attribution reporting.

Data providers
A reference data map allowing systems to categorize, manage and follow digital assets by classification.

Exchanges globally

Categorize listed digital asset technologies.

Thematic investing
Classification scheme to identify digital assets with common underlying attributes and aids in bespoke portfolio construction.

DATS classification system summary:

Inclusive structural development process

DATS is supported by an independent external advisory committee that comprises of top digital assets market practitioners. The Governance process is designed to capture collective perspectives and insights from industry experts around the world.

Inclusive structural development process

Four-tier structure and thematics offer a robust system for comparing and analyzing like-technology's use cases.

  • One Industry
  • Three Supersectors
  • 10 Sectors
  • 42 Subsectors
  • Two Themes
  • Seven Subthemes

Unbiased approach to company research

Digital assets are allocated to subsectors based on a transparent research process to determine use case and features:

  • Understand exactly how and why digital assets are allocated in the Ground Rules
  • Challenge assigned digital asset classification through a publicly available form


Download the full DATS methodology.

Wilshire Digital Assets Advisory Group

Chaired by Blythe Masters, an expert in financial services, technology and digital assets, the Wilshire Digital Assets Advisory Group (Advisory Group) is comprised of highly-experienced digital asset practitioners to ensure full transparency into classification decision as the market continues to evolve at pace.

The Advisory Group members will be announced soon.

Meetings will be held in quarters ending March, June, September and December with a formal communication being issued to notify the market of any changes.

To learn more about DATS methodology or how you can access the data, contact us.

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