Fixed income

Determine value in the context of global markets

Our global fixed income data and analytics solutions are used by institutional investors and financial advisors and intermediaries worldwide, including portfolio managers, central banks, pension funds, insurance companies, fund sponsors
and investment professionals.

Our fixed income investment models cover a broad range of asset types including credit, complex structured securities and derivatives, including valuations for some illiquid securities.
Conveniently accessed via a single platform, our proprietary systems, models and data enable you to:


Analyze fixed income portfolios across global markets within a consistent model framework


Accurately assess risk

to enable the returns needed to achieve your investment objectives


Pinpoint performance

by getting an accurate breakdown on what went well and what didn't

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Simulate scenarios

to understand potential outcomes and guide investment decisions

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Optimize portfolios
to inform investment decisions for both active and passive strategies

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Swiftly identify and calculate risk contributions at the fund, portfolio, fund-of-fund or individual manager level based on relevant allocations

The data collected can be viewed and analyzed on our easy-to-use dashboard, then translated into actionable, high-level insights for boardrooms and investors.
These include top-down, consolidated views of key risk exposures for single or multi-asset class portfolios on an absolute and relative basis.

Access to the system can be permissioned in numerous ways
to meet your requirements.

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