Wilshire Launches New Global Index Series

New FT Wilshire Global Equity Market Series captures global investment opportunities with greater precision

Santa Monica, Calif., September 22, 2022 – Wilshire, a leading global financial services firm, continues to enhance and modernize the way that indexes are built, maintained, and licensed. The FT Wilshire Global Equity Market Series (GEMS) enables investors to access country and regional exposures through a consistent country-by-country framework offering greater transparency into global markets.

There is a continuing demand for new indexes and benchmarks to support the growth in passive investment and the need for deeper understanding of market risks and trends. Wilshire is committed to innovation in the design of indexes and modernizing and improving index designs to provide greater precision and transparency.

Today’s launch of GEMS includes:

  • Country-by-Country indexes – Replicating the FT Wilshire 5000 market capitalization breakpoints to better reflect the investment intent of accessing the large and small cap version of each country with no size drift.
  • Developed and Emerging Market indexes – Builds upon our work on the US series with the ability to apply regional cuts of the large and small cap segments of the global markets without the necessity to apply complex exclusion criteria.
  • Global Index – View the world through one transparent lens.
  • FT Wilshire Pure Multi Factor Global Index Series – A diversified factor strategy suitable for investing over many market cycles that includes four-factor beta neutral and five-factor versions.
  • FT Wilshire Climate Change 1.5℃ Target Global Index Series – 1.5°C or net zero target Index series which meets the strict EU Paris Aligned Benchmark (PAB) requirements to help investors benchmark their investment portfolio’s carbon reduction targets.
  • Customization Application – An application to access a customization sandbox, giving clients the ability to research and construct index ideas through interactive filters and screening capabilities.

“As the surge in using passive management strategies continues, we are ensuring that investors have access to the most modern index and benchmark designs to meet their global investment mandates,” said Mark Makepeace, Wilshire’s Chief Executive Officer. “The innovation that we bring to market will benefit the whole investment community.”

Wilshire’s new benchmarking initiatives include:

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