Wilshire Indexes demotes eToroX, Crosstower and OKCoin as contributing exchanges

Exchanges demoted after semi-annual review

London, May 4, 2023– Wilshire Indexes, a leading global index provider, today announced that eToroX, Crosstower and OKCoin have been demoted from being contributing exchanges for failing to meet the established standards for two consecutive Wilshire Exchange Reviews. Contributing exchanges that meet Wilshire Indexes’ robust standards for institutional quality digital asset indexes now include Bitstamp, Coinbase, Bitfinex, LMAX, itBit,Kraken, CEX.io and Gemini.


During the semi-annual exchange review, Wilshire looks closely at CC Data's Exchange Benchmark, which rates over 150 digital asset exchanges against multiple criteria, to determine if exchanges have met the criteria to be placed on the Contributing Exchange inclusion watchlist. The reverse is also determined, if a Contributing Exchange fails to meet eligible criteria, it can be added to the watchlist for possible removal.


While still on the contributing exchanges list, Gemini is ‘on watch’ for demotion due to falling below the accepted standards as outlined in the FT Wilshire Digital Asset Index Series methodology. Gemini will be assessed at the next Wilshire Exchange Review to determine if contributing status should be retained or if demotion is necessary.


One exchange has been added to the promotion ‘watchlist’, Crypto.com and will be monitored to determine if it meets all the eligibility criteria to be promoted to a contributing exchange at the next semi-annual review. Both Bullish and BitBank have been removed from the ‘watchlist’ for promotion due to standards not being maintained across consecutive Wilshire Exchange Reviews.


The FT Wilshire Digital Asset Indexes are displayed on the FT Digital Asset Dashboard, an easy-to-use and freely available data platform for pricing and insight into the digital assets market. The dashboard gives readers institutional-quality information to explore and dissect digital asset data, identify global trend sand compare the value change of digital asset indexes. All indexes are available via Refinitiv and ready for institutional investors and asset managers to license for digital asset portfolio construction, performance attribution, and as the basis for index-linked products like ETPs, futures, and tracker funds.


Wilshire Indexes’ blended price methodology is used to calculate real-time, hourly and end-of-day settlement prices for tradable digital asset indexes. The blended price indexes are classified in accordance with the Digital Asset Taxonomy System (DATS) which was launched in 2022. DATS was developed for investors to research, analyze and construct digital asset portfolios.


The full list of single-asset indexes is available at www.wilshire.com/digitalassets. Full DATS classification data is available to licensed subscribers only.


About Wilshire Indexes


Wilshire Indexes is a global index provider offering more than 30 index series, including the market leading FT Wilshire 5000 and FT Wilshire Global Equity Markets indexes, as well as modular custom solutions tailored to meet the specific benchmarking needs of its customers.


Wilshire Indexes operates alongside Wilshire’s investment management and consulting, OCIO, alternatives and analytics businesses, which are separately known as Wilshire.


More information on Wilshire and Wilshire Indexes can be found at www.wilshire.com.



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