Wilshire Announces Launch of Veterans Select Index, Powered By Wilshire

Index designed to measure performance of public companies most supportive of veterans.

Santa Monica,Calif., October 6, 2020 – Wilshire Associates (Wilshire®) today announced thelaunch of a new Powered by Wilshire℠ index, theVeterans Select Index. Created and owned by VETS Indexes, calculated andmaintained by Wilshire, the index is designed to measure performance ofpublicly traded companies with outstanding records as employers of militaryveterans and members of the National Guard and Reserves, as identified by avariety of sources, including annual rankings, surveys, and recognitionprograms.

The VETS Indexes eligible universe leverages various selectioncriteria, such as company culture, policies, and reservist accommodations, toidentify companies that are the best employers of military veterans. TheVeterans Select Index is constructed from that VETS Indexes eligible universeand includes public companies that carry a market capitalization of $1 billionor more with liquidity greater than $40 million in average daily traded dollarvolume.

“Wilshire Analytics is honored to support the creation of aveteran-inclusive index that combines our calculation and analytical expertisewith a thoughtful, rules-based approach from VETS Indexes,” said Jason Schwarz,chief operating officer of Wilshire Associates. “This confirms our commitmentto a Powered by Wilshire approach that helps clients bring new, innovativeindex strategies to market quickly and is in this case, underpinned by a strongsense of social responsibility.” 

“Veterans receive world-class training from the U.S. Military.Our research has shown that companies that take advantage of this talent pooloften help their own bottom lines in the long run,” said George Altman,Managing Director of VETS Indexes. Altman continued, “We are excited tocontinue building our suite of Veteran Indexes and to continue supporting thecause of veteran hiring and employment.”

For more information about the Veterans Select Index, pleasevisit https://vetsindexes.com




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