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Helping Your Plan Sponsor Clients Manage Fiduciary Responsibility

In managing a retirement plan, an organization is required to navigate the landscape of available asset managers, develop an investment policy based on the needs of the plan, and to manage those investments on an ongoing basis. These tasks can seem daunting, especially for those plans without the scale to hire an outside consultant to assist in these efforts. Wilshire's fiduciary investment services can help ease this burden by offering:

  • Comprehensive manager due diligence
  • Investment manager recommendations
  • Investment policy guidance
  • Investment monitoring and reporting

Wilshire Funds Management has developed a fiduciary investment services program enabling retirement service providers to offer investment selection and due diligence support to their plan sponsor clients. Wilshire, a highly regarded investment consulting, technology and management firm, brings decades of investment experience with large institutions. The result is an investment philosophy that focuses on managing investors' risk at all times, as well as helping them meet their financial objectives. Using rigorous qualitative and quantitative screening, Wilshire recommends investment managers for each asset class. These managers are monitored to ensure they continue to perform as expected, recommending the replacement of managers that stray from their intended objective. Finally, the recommended managers are monitored on an ongoing basis. This comprehensive program provides comfort to plan sponsors, assisting in management of fiduciary responsibilities and strengthens the relationship between the plan sponsor and retirement plan service provider.

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