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We take full advantage of Wilshire's stature as a leading provider of analytical solutions to the investment industry. These products include:

Wilshire Quantum SeriesSM is Wilshire's family of investment technology software components providing performance measurement, performance attribution, risk management, portfolio optimization and trade order management for multi-currency portfolios. Today, Wilshire provides technology tools to hundreds of institutions worldwide.

Wilshire AbacusSM is a comprehensive multi-currency GIPS-compliant performance measurement system. It supports the full range of investment instruments and, due to the Wilshire Abacus' flexible underlying architecture, can be modified easily to support new instruments. A flexible text and graphical custom report writer enables generation of holdings, transaction, and performance reports.

Wilshire AtlasSM provides an integrated collection of tools to manage and analyze global equity portfolios for both active and passive strategies. Its large historical database of pricing and fundamentals for over 75,000 U. S. and international securities provides a foundation for daily performance attribution, risk analysis, portfolio construction, and optimization. Additionally, the Wilshire Atlas' index fund maintenance tools allow full benchmark replication, stratified sampling techniques, tilt fund strategies, and tax-efficient trading strategies, and supports rebalancing as often as daily.

Wilshire AxiomSM provides a complete set of applications for managing risk and enhancing returns and analyzing the impact of portfolio construction on risk and return in global fixed income portfolios. It allows users to analyze portfolio risk and performance in a multi-factor risk model framework. Wilshire Axiom is a powerful portfolio optimization tool; along with standard indexation, immunization and dedication strategies, users can use interest rate forecasts to create portfolios with optimal projected performance. Liability and cash flow analyses are also available.

Wilshire iQuantumSM is an integrated performance measurement, performance attribution and risk management solution for multi-currency, multi-asset class portfolios. Wilshire iQuantum is built on the foundation of more than three decades of Wilshire's sophisticated analytical models to provide the most robust attribution and risk analytics in the investment industry.


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