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A Climate Change
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The FT Wilshire US Large Cap Climate Change 1.5°C Target Index, Nikkei 225 Climate Change 1.5°C Target Index* and Hang Seng Climate Change 1.5°C Target Index** facilitate investment into companies that aim to meet the strict EU Paris Aligned Benchmark (PAB) requirements.

The index methodology is constructed with the aim to meet stringent EU Paris Aligned Benchmark (PAB) standards and aims to deliver year on year emissions reductions of at least seven percent. PAB requirements aim to limit the rise in global temperature to no more than 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

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*Nikkei 225 Climate Change 1.5 C Target Index is in collaboration of Nikkei Inc. and Wilshire

**All IPR in and to any Wilshire Climate Content provided for the creation of the “Hang Seng Climate Change 1.5oC Target Index” and / or data obtained by Wilshire under agreement with its data provider (ISS ESG) and data derived from any of the foregoing will be owned by and belong exclusively to Wilshire or its licensors All rights reserved.

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