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Research : Manager Research

Wilshire’s manager research process involves two distinct steps: (1) ongoing manager research and evaluation and (2) client-directed manager searches and selection. Both the evaluation and the selection processes rely on our manager research staff, databases and technology, evaluation model, and Wilshire consultants.

Wilshire's search process starts with our dedicated Manager Research Group, which conducts ongoing evaluation, monitoring and in-depth research of manager products using our comprehensive manager database, formal scoring process, and extensive consultant involvement through investment committees.

Manager Database

Wilshire collects and maintains its proprietary and internally developed database of investment managers and advisors.

Manager Scoring

The Manager Research Group scores managers on the following six qualitative components: Organization, Information, Forecasting, Portfolio Construction, Implementation and Attribution. Wilshire considers each client's unique circumstance in the selection of investment managers. We are particularly attuned to a client's risk tolerance, and we are careful to incorporate those sensitivities into the selection process. During this review, the client's committee often selects finalist candidates for interviews. Interviews typically consist of a formal presentation at the client or Wilshire's office. Finally, following the interviews of the finalist candidates, a selection is made by the client.

Manager Selection

Providing our clients meaningful information about investment managers is central to Wilshire's consulting services. Wilshire collects manager information on over 4,900 investment products. To track institutional money managers, we employ both experienced manager research professionals and state-of-the-art technology.

Institutional money managers can access current searches that Wilshire is conducting on behalf of our investment consulting clients by clicking on the Current Manager Search link below:


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