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Wilshire’s manager research process involves two distinct steps: (1) ongoing manager research and evaluation and (2) client-directed manager searches and selection. Both the evaluation and the selection processes rely on our manager research staff, databases and technology, evaluation model, and consultants.

Wilshire's search process starts with our dedicated Manager Research Group, which conducts ongoing evaluation, monitoring and in-depth research of manager products. The process involves Wilshire’s comprehensive manager database, formal scoring, and extensive consultant involvement through investment committees.

Manager Database

Wilshire collects and maintains a proprietary and internally developed database of investment managers and advisors. Currently, we maintain information on over 10,000 investment products, 27,000 mutual funds and approximately 10,000 hedge funds.

Manager Scoring

Wilshire believes that the most important step in manager selection, and the most time consuming, is qualitative evaluation. We score managers on six qualitative components that represent a comprehensive and forward-looking analysis of an investment management operation. In addition, Wilshire Consulting’s manager research professionals and consulting staff conduct more than 1,500 manager meetings per year. We believe that the qualitative characteristics of a manager are as important, if not more important, than the historical track record of a strategy.  

Manager Selection

The manager selection process begins by clearly defining a client’s specific investment mandate and search criteria. This helps us narrow the field to a list of qualified candidates based on our knowledge of the asset class, quantitative screening of product statistics and a qualitative assessment of a manager's capabilities. During the final phase of the process, Wilshire Consulting coordinates interviews with manager candidates. Once managers are hired, our consulting team works with the client and the manager to develop appropriate investment guidelines.

Institutional money managers can access current searches that Wilshire is conducting on behalf of our investment consulting clients by clicking on the Current Manager Search link below:


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