Investment Consulting

Research : Asset Allocation

Wilshire Consulting believes that strategic asset allocation is the key to a successful investment program. Both industry research and our experience indicate that the asset allocation decision has the greatest impact on a portfolio’s long-term return and risk profile. Wilshire embraced this important concept in the 1970s as an early innovator in creating integrated asset/liability models. Since that time, we’ve added to our asset allocation credentials by performing thousands of asset allocation studies and continually fine-tuning our methodology.

Defined Benefit Plans: We offer an innovative approach to asset/liability modeling, called “Cost/Risk Optimization” which seeks to maximize the safety of benefits at a given level of resources while simultaneously minimizing the long-term costs at an acceptable level of risk. 

Foundations and Endowments: Wilshire works with the client to develop investment policies for these clients by reviewing a plan’s spending policy, contribution expectations, and financial projections. Policies are identified that maximize the probability that the foundation can continue to support its dedicated causes.

Other Asset Pools: Wilshire’s optimization methodologies can also be applied to defined contribution plans, insurance funds, operating asset pools, and sovereign wealth funds.

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