Investment Consulting


Wilshire Consulting’s research efforts focus on expanding our understanding of the institutional investment process while defining industry best practices on behalf of our clients. The research group is comprised of our Investment Research, Asset Allocation, Actuarial Services and Manager Research groups.

The Asset Allocation Group focuses on developing and maintaining Wilshire’s proprietary asset/liability models, while the Investment Research Group performs in-depth analysis of all aspects of an institutional investment program. This includes asset allocation strategy, capital and alternative market research, investment structure research and industry analysis.

These two groups work under a single uniform research platform, which streamlines the collaboration of distinct, yet complementary areas of Wilshire’s consulting focus.  

Our research group also combines the efforts of dedicated independent researchers and senior consultants, who ensure client advocacy and the direction of research work toward germane subjects that are of particular interest to Wilshire’s clients. The combination of independent research, coupled with client-driven advocacy, helps us provide research focused on the relevant challenges facing our clients. At the same time, we’re able to secure our reputation as a thought leader in the industry.

We make all of Wilshire Consulting’s research reports available to our clients through our online Research Library.

Wilshire Consulting’s Manager Research Group evaluates and monitors manager products through Wilshire’s comprehensive manager database, formal scoring process and extensive consultant involvement through investment committees. Product specialists cover individual asset classes.  

Client Conference

Wilshire Consulting hosts an annual client conference, where we often present our latest research. This is an ideal setting for Wilshire’s consultants and clients to interact and share ideas. The conference is conducted entirely by our consultants, who present research on relevant investment issues. Asset management firms are not invited to attend or sponsor this conference.


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