Investment Consulting


Wilshire Consulting’s research efforts are continually focused on an expansion of our understanding of the institutional investment process and helping to define industry best practices on behalf of Wilshire clients. Wilshire’s research activities encompass our dedicated Investment Research, Asset Allocation, Actuarial Services and Manager Research groups.

The Investment Research Group performs in depth analysis of all aspects of an institutional investment program, including, for example, asset allocation strategy, capital and alternative market research, investment structure research and industry analysis, while the Asset Allocation Group focuses on developing and maintaining Wilshire’s proprietary asset/liability models and performing asset-liability studies on behalf of Wilshire Consulting clients. The interaction of our Investment Research, Asset Allocation and Actuarial Services groups under a single research platform ensures the collaboration of distinct, yet complementary areas of Wilshire's consulting focus. This uniform structure maximizes the research input of Wilshire's on-staff actuaries, who are critical in assisting on research issues pertaining both directly and indirectly to asset allocation and actuarial issues.

While many research topics are the direct result of client feedback and discussion, Wilshire Consulting's Research Group routinely pursues interesting ideas to enable Wilshire to remain a thought leader in the industry. We find that the combination of independent research, coupled with client-driven advocacy through consultant involvement in the research process, ensures an end product that is focused on relevant challenges facing Wilshire's consulting clients.

Research reports are available to Wilshire Consulting clients through our online Research Library.

Wilshire’s manager research effort is focused on investment due diligence and supports two distinct activities: (1) client-directed manager searches and selection (2) recurrent manager monitoring and evaluation. Both steps rely heavily on our investment professionals, proprietary technology, and our established evaluation model.


Client Conference

Wilshire Consulting formally holds an annual client conference, which serves as an ideal setting for our consultants and clients to interact and share ideas. Money managers are not invited to attend or sponsor this conference. During this seminar we hold sessions and workshops outlining our research findings on contemporary topics of interest and provide updates on evolving investment themes. Wilshire's conferences are conducted entirely by our consultants, who actively participate by providing research on important and relevant investment issues.


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