Funds Management

Asset Class Programs

As an adviser, sub-adviser or consultant, Wilshire Funds Management provides asset allocation portfolio solutions to financial institution investment programs. These programs include multi-manager mutual funds and separate account investment pools. In these types of engagements, Wilshire is hired as an independent third party responsible for making recommendations to the investment firm regarding strategic asset allocation portfolios, investment manager search (both mutual fund and separate account) by asset class, and investment structure to implement the asset allocation portfolios.

Objective-Oriented Solutions

Investors today have complex goals and objectives. Our forecast-based approach allows us to combine multiple forecasts in flexible ways to create a wide range of solutions for our financial institution clients. For example, we use a liability-aware optimization to create target maturity funds that address the realities of post-retirement investing. We also combine the dynamic nature of our long-term capital markets forecasting with near-term trending to deliver managed volatility and tactical allocation solutions. Our asset allocation program designs include:

  • Risk-based
  • Target Date
  • Tactical
  • Managed Volatility
  • Alternative Mutual Fund Strategies
  • Yield Focused

Risk Managed Approach

Risk analysis is built into the strategies Wilshire delivers. Our heritage is rooted in developing quantitative tools to help identify and manage risk in investment programs. Innovative approaches to controlling style risk and Wilshire's entire suite of risk control analytics ensures that each strategy remains within its given risk profile. This focus provides program sponsors, advisors and their clients' confidence that investment strategy they have selected remains consistent with the objective they have identified.

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