Analytic Solutions : Wilshire iQuantum

Wilshire iQuantumSM is a single integrated system for global multi-asset class analytics, risk management, attribution, scenario analysis, risk budgeting, compliance and GIPS-compliant reporting.

Wilshire iQuantum is built on the foundation of more than three decades of Wilshire's sophisticated analytical models to provide the most robust attribution and risk analytics in the investment industry.

Wilshire iQuantum is designed to provide feedback to the investment process. By integrating our risk models into both tracking error decomposition as well as performance attribution, clients can fully quantify the effects of their investment decisions.

Wilshire iQuantum also provides a consistent framework for security level analysis through our intuitive and powerful covariance models.

In addition, Wilshire iQuantum provides scenario analysis using the historical and hypothetical 'what if' stress testing module. Daily linked performance attribution is available using two different methodologies. While the factor based attribution provides consistency with the risk reports, the returns based attribution allows the benefit of client defined groups to measure value added.

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