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Wilshire iQCompositeSM is an integrated system for global composite creation, management, performance measurement and GIPS-compliant presentations, internal and external reporting and marketing.

Wilshire iQComposite delivers more than three decades of Wilshire Analytics' innovations in performance measurement and composite reporting directly to the investment managers' desktops. Building on the success of Wilshire Abacus, Wilshire iQComposite assists firms with GIPS® reporting.

Wilshire iQComposite's flexible rules-based composite wizard facilitates the creation of composites and ensures all portfolios are represented by composites. The interactive screening process relies on the composite creation rules set forth by the firm and simplifies composite tracking and auditing.

Users can create composite and portfolio performance reports that adhere to GIPS®. Included on the reports are powerful and timely risk statistics.

Benefits include automated reporting with email or download options, superior graphics, comprehensive training and support, and all software upgrades and enhancements.

Wilshire iQComposite is part of Wilshire iQuantum, Wilshire's single integrated system for global multi-asset class analytics, risk management, attribution, scenario analysis, risk budgeting, compliance and GIPS-compliant reporting.

GIPS® is a trademark owned by the CFA Institute.

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