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For an investment professional, knowing where institutional money is flowing in a fast-paced market is critical. The ability to quickly gauge overall market performance, spot shifts in allocation trends and identify risk exposure — both across peer groups and relative to the index — provides unparalleled insight that helps investment professionals better advise their clients.

Wilshire Trust Universe Comparison Service® (TUCS®) offers a leading-edge glimpse into the world of actively managed pension assets and is backed by 40 years of Wilshire Analytics expertise building and maintaining trusted, world-class market universes, such as the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index™. Traditionally, TUCS has only been available to money owners. Now this service has been packaged specially for, and is available to, the investment consulting community.

TUCS is a collaborative effort between Wilshire Associates and custodial organizations whereby custodians submit asset positions and performance data which is then pooled into universes of actively managed tax-exempt portfolios. TUCS is the most widely accepted benchmark for the performance of U.S. institutional assets and provides comprehensive information on the effects of risk, allocation and style.

Wilshire TUCS' web service delivers fast, reliable and unlimited access to a host of fully customizable client reporting capabilities.

Key benefits

Access one of the world’s largest universes of actively managed institutional plans

Based on blind, unique inputs from custodians and consultants that span 30 years of market history — more than $3.6 trillion* in assets and over 2,000 plans* — TUCS offers one of the most relevant measures available today for invested institutional assets. 

Leverage Flexibility

Whether you’re analyzing total market performance, or performance across peers based on size, category or quality, TUCS provides multiple ways to view the data and multiple delivery methods, based on your firm’s specific needs.

Gain a competitive edge

Pension plans today likely have access to TUCS already through their custodians. Now, you too can benefit from access to the same critical information used by asset owners to measure themselves against relevant benchmarks and peers. Subscribe to high-level reports designed to help investment professionals track allocation shifts, access data directly for on-demand, deep research and historical analysis or outsource custom research to one of our experts.

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Used by

Investment strategy groups

Asset allocation strategy groups

Performance & Risk managers

Compliance managers

Research teams

Marketing groups 

Key features

One of the most relevant measures available today for invested plan assets:

30 Years History*

$3.6 Trillion+ AUM*

2,000+ Plans*

Relative performance comparisons

Analyze performance for institutional assets that areactually investedversus investable in theory. Assess where the overall market is trending in terms of risk exposure and asset allocation, relative to your client’s peers, to best advise them on future strategies.

Broad-based observation points

TUCS delivers a robust distribution of plan universe observation points for a more meaningful analysis. While other services come close solely in terms of $AUM, or number of plans, none is comparableoverallfor volume of observations based on key characteristics — size, number, category and quality.

Delivery options

TUCS offers 3 convenient methods for accessing universe data, specifically designed to support different needs and grow with you as your business needs evolve.

High-level reports only

Receive reports based on client peer group and index criteria that you provide; monitor top-level risk and performance returns based on the same data your clients can likely access already and improve client communication.

Hosted software solution

Access online databases directly, create ad hoc reports 24/7, based on any of hundreds of criteria; access all the same information that your clients already do, perform additional in-depth research as needed.

Custom in-depth research

Guide research conducted by our team of expert analysts — let us support your ongoing marketing efforts with in-depth case studies, white papers, thought-leadership speaking engagements, and much more.

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*as of 08/01/12

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