Analytic Solutions : Wilshire Compass InSite

Wilshire Compass InSiteSM provides global investment managers and consultants with manager-to-manager comparison, including performance, risk and holdings-based analysis to improve manager marketing and manager search capabilities. Wilshire Compass InSite assists investment managers in a variety of tasks:

  • Access to the same comprehensive manager database used by the Wilshire Compass Pension plans, consultant, and manager clients.
  • Utilize Wilshire's expertise in risk measurement, style analysis and performance attribution to gain the competitive advantage.
  • Create customized professional presentations designed to highlight results and illustrate decision-making through sophisticated graphics.
  • Improve client service reporting by providing all the necessary resources to communicate your investment process and results clearly and accurately.
  • Automate custom reports through Wilshire Compass InSite's intuitive report generator.
  • Reduce costs for reporting and data by combining return analytics, peer comparison and holdings-based style analysis all in one place from one provider, Wilshire Associates.

Wilshire Compass InSite's integrated data and reporting system provides an easy-to-use platform to highlight your firm's advantages and report those findings to prospective and existing clients.

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